Become Your Own Health Advocate

  • July 15, 2019

Here at Lab Testing API we believe that we should help empower all of our customers to be their own health advocates. A health advocate improves, maintains and manages healthcare of an individual.

The information is now there for customers to access so that you can better understand the numbers that you need to be paying attention to.
You should have control over your own bodies, don’t you think? Patient empowerment is growing! A lot of people care about the number on the scale, but what about cholesterol levels or iron levels?

Maintaining your own health record is important. You need to be able to know what the key numbers are so that when there is a change you understand that there is a need to sit down with your health provider and discuss them, create a plan and rectify the situation before it becomes a bigger issue. You have the control to do that now.

Disease prevention is key, and some of the major reasons people are dying in the USA is due to diseases like heart disease and diabetes all of which you can reduce your risks of by knowing your own numbers and what they mean. By keeping an eye on your own records you are empowering and optimizing your own health.

If you ever switch between Doctor’s it can sometimes be a pain to transfer your records. Electronic health records are making it easier to take control.

Finally, when you have access to your own numbers you can better understand them. You can prepare questions prior to your visit with your health provider, and be better informed.