Keto-diet: A miracle or fad?

The ketogenic diet or more popularly known as a “keto” diet is a low-carbohydrate, fat-rich eating plan that differs from general, healthy eating recommendations. According to the School of Public Health, Harvard University, A “typical” keto diet entails of at least 70 percent of calories from fat, below 10 percent from carbs, and less than 20 percent from proteins.

How to combat High Blood Pressure

High Blood pressure is no doubt a silent killer and if left untreated (uncontrolled), may raise several health issues including the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. But there’s good news. There are several things one can do to lower their blood pressure naturally.

High Blood Pressure: A silent killer

When your blood pressure, the force of your blood pushing against the walls of your blood vessels, is consistently too high”, it is what is defined as High blood pressure (HBP) or hypertension.

Sugar is harmful

Sugar, Sugar and More Sugar. We are all knowingly or unknowingly consuming poison every single day! Yes, that’s right and it’s in our very own kitchen – our sweetie(sugar). But the health risks of consuming sugar are impossible to ignore.

Myths and Facts about Weight-loss

Several false beliefs are associated with weight loss theory that makes it difficult to do the right things. To help you make the best picks possible, we have chartered a list of a few popular claims regarding weight loss. See if they shoot from myth or fact.


Self-discipline is also known as the ability to push yourself to take action, accomplish your goals and stay motivated. Self-discipline can be summed up as “thinking versus doing”

Meditation to Improve your Sleep

Sleep is important to so many aspects of overall health and well-being. Sleep involves both the quantity of sleep as well as the quality of sleep. As adults, getting at least seven hours of quality sleep each night is essential for optimal health. Poor sleep is linked to higher body weight. Good sleepers tend to  [Read More…]

Stay Healthy

When we look at being a healthy weight, we look at factors like quality of life. Being a healthy weight can help you prevent and control many diseases and conditions. If you are overweight, you have a much higher risk of developing serious health problems including heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, gallstones,  [Read More…]

With temperatures heating up, getting enough water to drink every day is so important to physical and mental health along with chronic disease management. Water is a major component of the human body, representing on average approximately 60% of an adult’s body weight. Hydration is critical for health! Keeping the body hydrated helps the heart  [Read More…]

Stay FIt

Sitting too much is common with the large majority of individuals. For those with lifestyle disease, it is now suspected that up to 80% of their waking hours are spent sitting down. We are now seeing current guidelines for health that include recommendations to reduce or interrupt long amounts of time sitting. Emerging research now  [Read More…]