With temperatures heating up, getting enough water to drink every day is so important to physical and mental health along with chronic disease management. Water is a major component of the human body, representing on average approximately 60% of an adult’s body weight. Hydration is critical for health! Keeping the body hydrated helps the heart  [Read More…]

Stay FIt

Sitting too much is common with the large majority of individuals. For those with lifestyle disease, it is now suspected that up to 80% of their waking hours are spent sitting down. We are now seeing current guidelines for health that include recommendations to reduce or interrupt long amounts of time sitting. Emerging research now  [Read More…]

10 important blood tests

Blood Tests: A blood test is an analysis of the blood sample in the laboratory. We can get the blood mainly from veins in the arm via finger prick or hypodermic needle. Almost all of us go through blood testing at least once in our life.   Blood tests are a great indicator of the body’s  [Read More…]

Staying Fit

I know that we are all feeling the effects of being “in” now for the past few weeks but let’s move, if only a little, and come out of this just a little bit better. Walking for just 15 minutes per day, ideally, two times per day is all it takes. The research is IN  [Read More…]

Stay Healthy

As I have been working with clients this past week, the thing I am noticing is that people are beginning to get tired, really tired. So much change, many are feeling hopeless regarding getting back to normal any time soon. The outcome of all of this is emotional fatigue! Emotional and/or mental fatigue is taking  [Read More…]

Staying Fit

High-Tech Options  Some may have access to a video game-like BoxVR – a boxing-inspired workout from a virtual gym. There are also new applications like Peleton, Zwift, and Nike that offer workouts with a motivated instructor to keep you sweating.  Low-Impact Exercise  Now is the time for free Yoga workouts all over the internet or  [Read More…]

Physical and Mental health

During these times, we are all under more stress related to uncertainty, change, and the threat of the ongoing pandemic. Self-calming activities are ways to stop and ease the signs and symptoms of stress. Self-calming has been shown to benefit both physical and mental health, as it puts an end to damaging thoughts. Self-calming is  [Read More…]

Covid 19

Resilience is the ability to stay calm, bounce back quickly, and not only recover but to find personal strength when dealing with stress and adversity. Stress is not inherently a negative thing. Some stress is good for us. Stress can keep us safe and increase our awareness. It is how we deal with stress that  [Read More…]

SAD Image

January is a tough month for many folks. The holidays are over, family gatherings have passed, and it is all about surviving the cold, dark, and grey days. So, what is seasonal affective disorder (SAD)? Seasonal affective disorder is a type of depression that is related to the changing seasons. And SAD is not just  [Read More…]

Forming Habits

  • Jul 09, 2020
Forming Habits

Tricks to Make a New Habit Stick … Make it Daily. Consistency is key if you want to make a habit stick. Make it Manageable. One step at a time and keep it simple. You can build on your habit later. Form the habit first. Use Reminders. Set an alarm on your phone or use  [Read More…]