Basel Body Temperature (BBT) can provide us with a lot of useful information about our hormone levels as well as when we are ovulating. It can even tell us how our body is processing hormones and if we are stressed. They are very helpful in determining the state of our fertility and reproductive health. In  [Read More…]

Vitamin D | LTA

Written by Lesley Herrmann, MSc., CNC If you’re starting to feel a little gloomy it may be time to check your vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin because our bodies can synthesize it through a reaction that occurs when UVB rays interact with our skin. When sunlight strikes the skin,  [Read More…]

Written By J. E. Williams, OMD, FAAIM Get tested annually to prevent disease. To improve your health and live longer, aim for optimal levels of key blood tests. Do you know your optimal levels? You just received your blood test results from a comprehensive metabolic panel. Do you need a doctor to interpret them for  [Read More…]

How Do I Get Healthy?

  • Feb 26, 2024

Written By April Blake “How do I get healthy Dr Blake?” is what I’m asked on a daily basis. How do you know where to start? There are so many things to talk about when shooting for optimum health and wellness and I have narrowed it down to 5 here: 1) Whole food – Eating  [Read More…]

The Truth Behind Sugar

  • Feb 26, 2024
Sugar - Kristen Branzetti, NTP

Written by Kristen Branzetti, NTP We hear it all the time; sugar is bad for us. But the question is, why? When the body is bombarded with sugar many negative processes start to take over. To start, brain fog begins to set in. Our brain’s love fueling off of healthy fats. Excess processed sugar can cause  [Read More…]