Combating Bloat: Tips for Flatter, Happier Tummy

  • June 24, 2019
Combating Bloat

Written By Revée “Dr. Ray” Barbour, ND MS 

What can you do in 2-3 days to help reset your tummy so you’re not so bloated? The following easy tips have been tried and tested as my life-hacks so you can enjoy your holiday indulgence without expanding your waist. 

Cut the Carbs & Salt

Let’s be clear, carbohydrates and sodium are not the devil! Carbohydrates are important macro nutrients, and sodium is a key electrolyte. Both are necessary to give our bodies energy, plus, ensure proper fluid balance within the body. That said, eating excess refined carbohydrates (i.e. table sugar, white flour, etc.) and processed sodium (i.e. table salt) can cause more water retention, thus create bloating symptoms. Try eating a low-carb, low salt diet (i.e. lean protein and steamed veggies) for 2-3 days to help flush out your excess water weight and rebalance. 

Drink Water, Plenty of it*

It may sound counter-intuitive but it’s actually quite logical. Excess carbohydrates, salt, and alcohol increases dehydration and water retention. Drink more water, and your body won’t retain as much water and bloat. If going you have a meal/event … try hydrating with plenty of water earlier in the day, then limit yourself to only 1-2 drinks. The increased water intake will not only help curb sweet and salty cravings, but also minimize the dehydrating effects of the alcohol. The days after the meal/event, aim for drinking half your body weight in ounces (i.e. 120lbs= 60oz) of water daily. Add fresh lemon wedge or cucumber for extra detoxifying effects. (*Folks with kidney and heart failure conditions, please consult your doctor first before changing your fluids intake.)  

Eat Diuretic Foods

Diuretics are substances that help reduce excess water and bloating in the body by increasing urination. Celery and asparagus are great foods for pulling water, plus they offer your gut flora prebiotic fiber, which helps maintain healthy gut flora levels. If you want stronger detox effects, try drinking fresh celery and ginger juice first thing in the morning; it’s more energizing than coffee! Want more drink options? Try sipping herbal diuretic teas such as dandelion, hibiscus, plain green and black teas, hawthorn berry, or parsley throughout the day.

Get Moving & Sweaty

What? Did you think this would be a post where you get to skip the exercise? No way! You want less bloat and a flatter belly? Then you have to work for it! Get up and take a walk or crank on the music and dance it out! Body movement aids digestion and encourages regular bowel movements. Add on sweating and you’re helping to release excess water retention and toxins.  

These are simple tips you can incorporate into your day and have great de-bloating results. If your tummy still is not happy or responding to these tips, then there might be other underlying issues. Consider seeing your doctor, or come see a naturopathic doctor, like myself, where we can test your gut function and rule out other factors contributing to the stubborn bloat.

Written By Revée “Dr. Ray” Barbour, ND MS – https://www.drraynd.com/