Does walking for 15 minutes each day REALLY make a difference? YES, YES IT WILL!

Staying Fit

I know that we are all feeling the effects of being “in” now for the past few weeks but let’s move, if only a little, and come out of this just a little bit better. Walking for just 15 minutes per day, ideally, two times per day is all it takes. The research is IN … Walking just 15 minutes each day can improve your overall health.

In a 12-year study, regular walking just 15 minutes each day reduced the rate of mortality by 22%! The rate was even higher with longer and more frequent walks. Specifically, it has been proven that walking 15 minutes each day could add up to 7 years to your life.

Walking boosts mood. Yes, if you are feeling cabin fever, get outside and go for a walk in the sunshine to boost your mood. In 2016, there was a study that showed that just a 12-minute walk resulted in increased attentiveness and self-confidence.

Walking improves cognitive performance based on the research. In studies, it is consistently found that walking improves cognitive performance in both children and adults.

Walking 15 minutes per day has been shown to lower blood pressure.

Walking can help prevent diabetes. For those who walked 30 minutes per day, they reduced their risk of diabetes by 30%.

Walking has also been proven to be effective in shrinking dangerous visceral fat on the abdomen.

Walking strengthens bones. As we age bones weaken but walking strengthens bones and reduces the risk for Osteoporosis.

Walking for just 15 minutes was found by researchers at Stanford University to boost creativity by 60%. Stumped by a problem …. Go for a 15-minute walk!

The Sleep Foundation found that people who walked regularly fell asleep quicker, slept longer, and had better sleep quality versus those who did vigorous exercise or lift weights.

According to the Depression & Anxiety Association of America, a 10-minute walk may be as effective as a 45-minute workout in terms of reducing anxiety and depression.

Tip – Sometimes it’s good to change your walking routine. Try walking around the block instead of wandering around the kitchen.

Written By Carrie Company