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  • July 29, 2019
Metabolic Syndrome Blood Check

Written by Carrie Company 

Five Reasons to get a Metabolic Syndrome Blood Check

  1. You may have Metabolic Syndrome and don’t know it.
    • The metabolic syndrome risk factors are insidious. Risk factors slowly increase, often without any symptoms.
      • In multiple studies, up to 15% of people. Had Metabolic Syndrome and did not know it.
        • Up to 8% of these undiagnosed people were “normal weight” (BMI under 25.0)
        • Up to 45% of these undiagnosed people were overweight or obese (BMI over 25.0).
    • If you have metabolic syndrome, you probably do not know you have it.
    • Unfortunately, once the risk factor shows up as a noticeable symptom, it is too late.
      • Type 2 diabetes is reversible if caught early
      • Long-term, harmful effects of hypertension can be avoided
      • Blood vessel damage, like plaque accumulation and hardening of vessels, can be avoided with controlling lipid levels.
    • Metabolic Syndrome increases your likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, and many other chronic, life-threatening diseases.
    • Metabolic Syndrome is associated with 7 out of 10 deaths from conditions like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and lifestyle related cancers.
  2. Metabolic Syndrome is reversible!
    • If caught early, risk factors can be reversed, and in some cases, return to normal levels.
    • Since the Metabolic Syndrome risk factors are greatly influenced by lifestyle choices, they can be reversed with simple changes.
    • The outlook for people with metabolic syndrome can be good if risk factors are managed. People who talk to their doctors, eat right, exercise, stop smoking and lose weight can drastically reduce their risk for developing a serious health problem.
  3. Metabolic Syndrome affects people of all ages, races, sexes, and body weights.
    • Nearly 1 in 10 teens have Metabolic Syndrome.
    • 18.3% of people ages 20-39 have Metabolic Syndrome.
    • 41% of people ages 40-59 have Metabolic Syndrome.
    • 52% of people ages 60 and over have Metabolic Syndrome.
    • Being “skinny” is not a guarantee you do not have Metabolic
      • 17% of people with Metabolic Syndrome are “normal weight” (BMI under 25.0).
      • Often metabolic risk factors will improve prior to seeing drastic changes in weight
    • In today’s world with inactivity, obesity on the rise, and poor food choices, age does not protect from metabolic risk factors. The earlier you understand your risks the more of a chance you have at reversal and a happy and healthy life.
  4. Understanding your Metabolic Syndrome and making informed lifestyle choices can improve your quality of life and extend your health span.
    • By understanding and self-monitoring your risk for metabolic syndrome you maintain motivation for positive lifestyle changes.
    • Through understanding and monitoring your risk factors, you can avoid serious medical issues.
    • By knowing your risk factors, you become empowered to make day to day changes to improve your health.
  5. Minimizing Metabolic Syndrome risk factors can save money on health care costs.
    • If risk factors are caught early and reversed through lifestyle, you can avoid dependence on chronic prescription drugs (statins, blood pressure, diabetes), costly surgery, and major medical issues (heart attack and stroke).