Keeping Santa Happy

  • December 23, 2019
Santa Claus


Naughty – Santa sits a ton in his workshop, on the sleigh, and listening to children’s Christmas wishes, which can lead to diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and weight gain. 

Nice – Sneak in time to walk or jog! Park far from your destination, walk for 30-minutes each day and take 10-minute breaks to stand and stretch often.

Lack Of Sleep

Naughty – Working long hours can turn Santa into a grouch and stress him out. Lack of sleep can even make Santa more prone to heart disease and increase his risk for Metabolic Syndrome. 

Nice – Make sleep a priority over the holidays. Sneak in a nap even if it is only for 20-30 minutes to improve mood and performance.


Naughty – Checking an enormous list twice, holiday decorations, wrapping presents, and decorating is stressful. That stress can weaken Santa’s immune system and put him at risk for digestive problems, the common cold, and the flu. 

Nice – Take 15-20 minutes each day to sit quietly and reflect. Santa practices gratitude by thinking of how thankful he is for the elves, reindeer, and his life at the North Pole. Santa also avoids alcohol at this time of year and exercises regularly. Crashing would ruin all of the children’s toys!

Weight Gain

Naughty – A diet of cookies, candy canes, eggnog, and hot chocolate is bound to lead to weight gain and Type 2 diabetes. Santa has battled the bulge for years and tends to fain about 1-2 pounds each holiday season, just like the rest of us. 

Nice – By practicing portion control, using intention in choosing meals, snacks, and drinks, avoiding hunger, and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables Santa can maintain his weight through the holidays. 

Written by Carrie Company