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Welcome to the Lab Testing API Family!

Embark on a journey to meet the extraordinary individuals who breathe life into Lab Testing API, the pulse of online lab testing in the USA. Our team is a symphony of passion, expertise, and innovation working tirelessly to redefine your healthcare experience.

Meet the Trailblazers:

At the helm is our Chief Executive Officer, Michelle Chilcott, a visionary leader steering Lab Testing API towards a future where health meets technology seamlessly. Her dynamic leadership sets the tone for our team’s relentless pursuit of excellence.

Unveil Our Superstars:

  • Dr. Shikha Sharma: The Innovator in Project Management
    • Dr. Shikha Sharma, a distinguished professional in Project Management and Technology, brings a Ph.D. in Strategic Human Resource Management and an MBA from the prestigious University Business School. Currently serving as the Project Director and HIPAA Security Officer at Lab Testing API Inc., Dr. Sharma is a beacon of leadership, managing global teams and steering strategic projects.
    • Key Attributes:
      • Leadership Luminary: Dr. Sharma’s leadership shines as she manages global teams and spearheads strategic projects.
      • Tech-Savvy Virtuoso: With a solid background in Information Technology, Dr. Shikha seamlessly marries the realms of Project Management and technical proficiency. Her tech-savvy approach brings innovation to the forefront, ensuring a harmonious integration of cutting-edge technology with strategic initiatives.
      • Operational Maestro: Dr. Shikha Sharma stands at the forefront, directing the symphony of operations at LTA with finesse. Her strategic prowess and meticulous approach ensure that every aspect of our operations aligns seamlessly, setting a benchmark for excellence. Embark on a journey where operational efficiency is not just a goal but a daily reality, all thanks to the inspiring leadership, and technological and operational mastery of Dr. Shikha Sharma at LTA.
  • Eyeniht: The Financial Maestro
  • Meet Eyeniht, our seasoned Financial Administrator, weaving magic in the world of bookkeeping and family-run businesses for over 6 years. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Social Studies, earned in 2001, Eyeniht seamlessly blends academic prowess with practical financial expertise. Renowned for organizational finesse, problem-solving prowess, and impeccable bilingual communication skills, Eyeniht is not just an administrator but a relationship virtuoso.
    • Key Attributes:
      • Financial Wizardry: Eyeniht brings not only financial administration skills utilizing tools like QuickBooks and Reports.
      • Excellence Advocate: Eyeniht is dedicated to administrative tasks, ensuring meticulous preparation for tax purposes and delivering excellence consistently.
  • Cassidy: Customer Care Extraordinaire
    • Enter Cassidy, a dedicated healthcare professional who earned a Registered Nurse degree in 2020 and further solidified their commitment to excellence with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2022. With over 1,000 clinical hours dedicated to honing skills, Cassidy’s journey in healthcare is marked by passion, compassion, and a relentless pursuit of well-being.
    • Key Attributes:
      • Customer Service Maverick: Griz’s expertise lies in adeptly handling customers through various platforms—email, social media, and phone.
      • Patient Care Expert: Currently serving as a Patient Care/Support Expert at LTA, Cassidy fosters a compassionate and supportive environment.
  • Griz Oficiar (Gee): The Multifaceted Dynamo
    • Meet Griz Oficiar, affectionately known as Gee, born on December 28, 1988, and currently serving as an Administrative Assistant at Lab Testing API. Griz’s career journey is a testament to versatility, navigating roles from call center agent to customer service manager and even managing a dropshipping company.
    • Key Attributes:
      • Maestro of Meticulous LTA Administrative Tasks: Griz, the silent orchestrator of administrative excellence at LTA, where precision meets dedication.
      • Efficiency in Multifaceted Roles: GRIZ’s journey reflects an ability to seamlessly navigate diverse roles, showcasing efficiency in tasks ranging from Admin to managing the company’s backend operations.
  • Vincent Albert Llapitan: Lead Tech Innovator
    • Meet Vincent Albert Llapitan, our tech maestro and the creative mind steering the innovation at Lab Testing API. As the Lead Tech Innovator, Vincent brings a dynamic blend of expertise and creativity to redefine your lab testing experience.
    • Key Attributes:
      • Tech Virtuoso: With a profound understanding of technology, VINCENT ensures that our online experience remains at the forefront of advancements, providing not just smooth navigation but an experience that sets new standards.
      • User-Centric Design: Vincent’s commitment to innovation goes hand in hand with a user-centric approach. Every tech enhancement is geared towards making your lab testing journey not only efficient but also user-friendly.

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These remarkable individuals embody the spirit of Lab Testing API—dedication, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Get to know the faces shaping a healthier tomorrow for you and countless others.

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Lab Testing API is not just a service; it’s a movement towards accessible, personalized healthcare. Join us as we revolutionize lab testing, making it an empowering chapter in your health story. Meet the team, and let’s shape a healthier future together.