The Worst Things You Can Do To Your Body

  • September 9, 2019
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Written by Carrie Company

Smoking – The evidence is clear. Smoking is the single worst thing you can do to your body!

Consuming Sugar – consuming sugar leads to hypertension, weight gain, diabetes, and tooth decay. Aim for 20-25 grams of added sugar per day.

Ignoring A Treatable Disease – With diabetes, high blood pressure & cholesterol, there are few symptoms. The effects may not show for 10-20 years. By then the damage is already done.

Being A Workaholic – Being overweight, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, & even cancer which is linked with more stress are all associated with being a workaholic.

Exercising Too Much – 90 minutes or more of continuous, moderate to high-intensity exercise weakens the immune system. Give yourself time to recover so as to not do more harm than good.

Drinking More Than 2 Drinks A Day – Research shows that drinking more than 2 drinks per day is slowly killing you. Moderate drinking is associated with the lowest mortality rates.

Staying Indoors – About 20 minutes of sunshine per day boosts Vitamin D. Symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency include fatigue, depression, sweating & chronic pain.

Sitting Too much – Sitting more than 11 hours a day increases the risk of premature death by 40%! Stand up every 20 minutes and MOVE!

Not Staying Hydrated – Drinking water helps rid the body of waste & toxins, transports oxygen and nutrients to muscles and protects every organ.

Not Getting Enough Sleep – Can Do To Your Body Sleep deprivation leads to eating more, chronic disease, heart disease & increased blood pressure.