Why Getting a Flu Shot SOON is so important this year!

  • October 24, 2020
Why Getting a Flu Shot SOON is so important this year!

Each year, the Influenza (flu) season results in millions of lost workdays at a cost of billions of dollars. As we all wait for things to get back to normal, it is important not to skip your flu shot this year. It is also important to know, that it takes two weeks for the flu vaccine to become protective. So now is the time to get your shot as the flu season typically runs from November to April. It is also important to understand that the flu vaccine is never 100% effective in preventing the flu. However, the vaccine does substantially reduce your chances of getting the flu and passing it on to others.  

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the flu vaccine should be deferred if you are suspected or confirmed to have  COVID-19, whether you have symptoms or not, and until isolation is over (1).

Here is more inspiration to get your flu vaccine soon

  • A flu shot can keep you healthy! 
  • With the flu season colliding with COVID-19, this year a flu vaccine can keep you away from doctor’s offices and hospitals.  
  • A flu shot can help prevent overcrowded medical facilities.  
  • Anyone can get the flu; the flu does not discriminate between unhealthy and healthy. 
  • Flu shots are easy to get. 
  • Flu vaccines are oftentimes free! 
  • The flu vaccine can reduce severe illness.  
  • A flu shot can help you and your family avoid missed work or school. 
  • You cut your risk of getting the flu roughly in half! 
  • You will not develop more serious flu-related issues. 
  • You will not put your life in danger. 
  • For children under two, senior, and those with chronic conditions like asthma, heart disease,  or diabetes the flu can be especially severe. 

Written By Carrie Company