Why to bid Goodbye to your SWEETIE (Sugar)?

  • September 7, 2020
Sugar is harmful

Sugar, Sugar, and More Sugar. Just like drugs, sugar is not good for us. Because it can be pretty hard for most of us to cut out sugar, it may be helpful to comprehend why sugar is a villain in our diet and needs to be cast-off.

Ten Reasons to Eliminate Sugar from your Diet 

  1. Eating sugar ages your skin. 
  2. Swapping sugar for a quick walk can help beat mid-afternoon sugar cravings. 
  3. You are most likely to crave sweets when you are tired. 
  4. Sugar is more addictive than fat and salt.
  5. People who drink more water are less likely to develop high blood sugar. 
  6. Sugar has been known to confuse memory.
  7. Sugar-sweetened beverages can accelerate cell aging by four and a half years. 
  8. Diets high in added sugars lead to obesity, insulin resistance, and low-grade inflammation.
  9. Drinking sugar-sweetened beverages can spike inflammation levels for a considerable amount of time. 
  10. Several studies now show that people with higher sugar intakes may be at a greater risk of developing certain cancers. 

A common question that we get asked is sugar from the fruit as bad for you? 

From Medical News Today (June 2019), it is important to understand that sugar from fruit metabolized differently than added or processed sugars. Although fruit does contain natural sugar, it also contains vitamins, minerals, fiber, phytochemicals, and water. In general, even the sweetest fruits contain less sugar than those foods with added sugar. Fruit also contains two types of sugar, fructose, and glucose. Glucose raises blood sugar, so the body must release insulin to metabolize it. However, fructose does not raise blood sugar. Instead, the liver breaks it down. 

When sugars are added to foods it undergoes processing and it is oftentimes overused as an additive for tastes and preservation. Research consistently links refined and added sugar to higher risks of health conditions. 

Keep in mind that whole fresh fruit is always a better choice than packaged, canned, dried, or processed fruits where manufacturers tend to add sweeteners and preservatives. When whole fresh fruit is used as a replacement for manufactured sweet snacks, people tend to eat fewer calories and less sugar. 

Written By Carrie Company