Forming Habits

  • January 20, 2020
Forming Habits

Tricks to Make a New Habit Stick … Make it Daily. Consistency is key if you want to make a habit stick. Make it Manageable. One step at a time and keep it simple. You can build on your habit later. Form the habit first. Use Reminders. Set an alarm on your phone or use  [Read More…]

  • What is Intermittent Fasting, and Does it Really Work?

    Intermittent fasting (IF) is a way of eating that involves short-term fasting. There are many health benefits now documented in the research with IF. Here are three popular ways to achieve the results: The 16/8 Method: Basically, you skip breakfast every day and have an eating window of 8 hours or from 12:00 (noon) to  [Read More…]

  • Health Benefits

    Small Changes That Lead To HEALTH GAINS!

    What does it take? Often times people are held back from taking their health in their own hands because it feels so overwhelming. Here is the thing. Taking SMALL steps consistently can lead to big health gains! What are some small steps you can take today to start improving your health? 1. Take a 15-minute  [Read More…]

  • Sleep

    What You Should Know About Sleep Apnea

    Sleep apnea is a potentially serious sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts. If you snore loudly and feel tired even after a full night’s sleep, you may have sleep apnea.  The Mayo Clinic lists the following as signs and symptoms of sleep apnea:  Loud snoring  Episodes of when you stop breathing during  [Read More…]

  • Santa Claus

    Keeping Santa Happy

    Inactivity ▪ Naughty – Santa sits a ton in his workshop, on the sleigh, and listening to children’s Christmas wishes, which can lead to diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and weight gain.  ▪ Nice – Sneak in time to walk or jog! Park far from your destination, walk for 30-minutes each day and take 10-minute breaks to  [Read More…]

  • Holiday Drinks… Hidden Calories

    Did you know some holiday drinks can pack as much cholesterol as two fast-food combo meals? This season, remember that it’s not just mashed potatoes, casseroles, or holiday sweets that can get the best of your diet. Holiday drinks can do just as much damage to your waistline and metabolic risks. Consider that to maintain  [Read More…]

  • Type 2 diabetes

    Type 2 Diabetic and Trying to Lose Weight?

    Achieving weight loss can be tough in today’s food landscape given social eating and mass marketing of poor nutritional choices. Add insulin resistance to the picture and weight loss can be even more challenging. It is important to consider that weight loss of 5 – 7 % of total body weight can significantly reduce your  [Read More…]

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    The High Cost Of Metabolic Syndrome In The Workplace

    The Impact of Metabolic Syndrome in the Workplace? You may have heard about metabolic syndrome, a condition that more than 50 million Americans have been diagnosed with, but do you understand what it is and how it is affecting your cost as an employer? What is Metabolic Syndrome? It is a condition that has become  [Read More…]

  • metabolic syndrome

    Sleep and Mental Health

    Sleep deprivation is a problem for almost 40% of Americans. Additionally, about 40 million of us suffer from chronic, long-term sleep disorders and an additional 20 million of us experience occasional sleep issues. Poor sleep has been linked to depression and anxiety, increased risk for heart disease, metabolic syndrome and cancer, memory issues, reduced immune  [Read More…]

  • Weight Loss

    Why do we keep overeating and what to do about it

    Learning what the common triggers for eating too much food are and how to manage them is our best defense against expanding waistlines. Food is an essential element of life that can be one of the most pleasurable. Unfortunately, overeating is now leading to a growing global public health problem. More than two-thirds of all  [Read More…]