Keeping Santa Happy

  • December 23, 2019
Santa Claus

Inactivity ▪ Naughty – Santa sits a ton in his workshop, on the sleigh, and listening to children’s Christmas wishes, which can lead to diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and weight gain.  ▪ Nice – Sneak in time to walk or jog! Park far from your destination, walk for 30-minutes each day and take 10-minute breaks to  [Read More…]

  • Holiday Drinks… Hidden Calories

    Did you know some holiday drinks can pack as much cholesterol as two fast-food combo meals? This season, remember that it’s not just mashed potatoes, casseroles, or holiday sweets that can get the best of your diet. Holiday drinks can do just as much damage to your waistline and metabolic risks. Consider that to maintain  [Read More…]

  • Type 2 diabetes

    Type 2 Diabetic and Trying to Lose Weight?

    Achieving weight loss can be tough in today’s food landscape given social eating and mass marketing of poor nutritional choices. Add insulin resistance to the picture and weight loss can be even more challenging. It is important to consider that weight loss of 5 – 7 % of total body weight can significantly reduce your  [Read More…]

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    The High Cost Of Metabolic Syndrome In The Workplace

    The Impact of Metabolic Syndrome in the Workplace? You may have heard about metabolic syndrome, a condition that more than 50 million Americans have been diagnosed with, but do you understand what it is and how it is affecting your cost as an employer? What is Metabolic Syndrome? It is a condition that has become  [Read More…]

  • metabolic syndrome

    Sleep and Mental Health

    Sleep deprivation is a problem for almost 40% of Americans. Additionally, about 40 million of us suffer from chronic, long-term sleep disorders and an additional 20 million of us experience occasional sleep issues. Poor sleep has been linked to depression and anxiety, increased risk for heart disease, metabolic syndrome and cancer, memory issues, reduced immune  [Read More…]

  • Weight Loss

    Why do we keep overeating and what to do about it

    Learning what the common triggers for eating too much food are and how to manage them is our best defense against expanding waistlines. Food is an essential element of life that can be one of the most pleasurable. Unfortunately, overeating is now leading to a growing global public health problem. More than two-thirds of all  [Read More…]

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    Emotional Exhaustion and How to Treat It!

    So oftentimes, clients will say that they are too tired to go for a walk or to workout. However, a good refreshing and mind-clearing walk may be the perfect answer. When determining if you are fatigued, consider that there are two types of fatigue, emotional and physical. What is emotional exhaustion?  Emotional exhaustion can occur  [Read More…]

  • Is depression preventing you from becoming full bloom

    Depression is common affecting 300 million people globally of all ages. People with depression have an increased risk of stroke and death from heart disease. Are you at risk? During the past month, have you often been bothered by: 1. Little or no interest or pleasure in doing things? Yes/No 2. Feeling down, depressed or  [Read More…]

  • Pumpkin Table

    Health Benefits Of Halloween Pumpkin

    Only 1 day left to celebrate Halloween, and we see the pumpkins everywhere. People all over the world perceive Pumpkin as a Halloween decoration, yet this kind of fruit is also a nutritious food with many health benefits.  1. Lose weight Pumpkin is low in calories, starchy and tastes similar to sweet potato. It is  [Read More…]

  • Weight Loss

    Did You Know That Season Weight Gain Is A Thing?

    The weight gain begins with Halloween. Then comes Thanksgiving, the biggest day of food consumption in America, where an average American will eat 4,500 calories! During Christmas and New Year’s, we are in a vacation mindset, allowing unhealthy foods to be allowed and exercise to be procrastinated. And we then top it off with the  [Read More…]